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Bridal Wedding Sets

Picking out an engagement ring is so exciting! You might be a bit nervous but also looking forward to the look on your significant other’s face when you present her with a stunning engagement ring and ask her to be your bride.

To take the stress out of shopping for a wedding ring later to match her gorgeous engagement ring, you can buy a bridal ring set and get it taken care of in one fell swoop. Check out what you need to know about bridal ring sets here!

What Are Bridal Ring Sets?

Bridal sets, are made for that special lady, the bride.  The bridal set is a matching duo of engagement ring and wedding band that are designed to look and fit as a matched pair.

Why Buy Bridal Ring Sets?


Choosing a band later is not as simple as it seems.  If you are thinking that you will stack your rings, matching them later on to fit is anything buy easy!  Not all rings stack together well and those fancy cuts with dazzling halos require a band that will curve to fit your engagement ring.  When purchasing the set, you will know that the wedding band is designed to fit around the stone on the engagement ring.


Typically, you can expect a bit of a discount when buying both rings together.   You might think that this endeavor will be still be more expensive than when buying the engagement ring alone, however depending on the set, you may actually be able to purchase a bridal set for considerably less than buying them separately.  Additionally, this will be one less expense as the wedding nears and one less trip to the jeweler saving time for additonal dress fittings!

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