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Trendy Jewelry Pieces Worth the Splurge

While we love timeless pieces, we are also always looking towards the future and staying on trend!  These are our favorite jewelry trends and we just cannot get enough!

1) Delicate Rings 

Rings in many ways may follow the opposite trend of other jewelry items.   Rather than large statement pieces, we are enraptured by understated accessories for fingers.  Complimenting bold accessories worn near the face, small rings provide the perfect finish.

2) Contemporary Neck Wear

Necklaces can be a huge focal point for everyone, sometimes being highlight of our outfit.  Stunning chokers, massive gemstone plates and colors galore.  Contemporary neckwear is easy to incorporate in your daily attire and is definitely worth the splurge!  Be BOLD!  When choosing a necklace to splurge on, opt for styles that are true statement pieces and boast a contemporary shape.

3)  Diamond Inside/Outside Hoop Earrings 

For earrings, the latest trend is the inside/outside diamond hoops. Dazzling and timeless, these on trend earrings have us staring! These types of earrings do come in every carat weight available though (and every pocket book). They come in all different types of metals as well: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver…