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Author page: ilisa

Just what are Pie Cut Diamonds?

​ Pie-cut diamonds are manufactured through a creative craftsmanship where smaller fancy cut diamonds are carefully matched and polished to shape together an illusion of a larger solitaire fancy cut diamond. It has a striking resemblance to a solitaire diamond, and is priced at only 10% of a solitaire; which customers consider a value for…

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Take off your jewelry before swimming in a public pool, water park, or the ocean. When we head out for an outdoor swim, there's a usual check off list. Of course there are all the things we need/ want including towels. There's even consoderation of what should not be at such an outing. …

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The Importance of Prongs

When thinking about your jewelry, one often forgets those tiny pieces holding your precious gemstones in place - Prongs! More important than making sure your gem is sparkly and clean, is that it is secured into the setting. If you notice that something isn't quite right, don't make the mistake of wearing your…

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