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Take off your jewelry before swimming in a public pool, water park, or the ocean.

When we head out for an outdoor swim, there’s a usual check off list. Of course there are all the things we need/ want including towels. There’s even consoderation of what should not be at such an outing. Favorite designer footwear and handbags are usually left safely behind, but what about jewelry??

On a most recent visit with my parents, my mom lost a favorite diamond earring in a community pool. I immediately offered my diving and recovery services – of course! I put on a swim suit and a pair of goggles, went down to the pool, and dived in. Unfortunately, it was at night and even with the pool lights and a flashlight, I couldn’t find the missing earring. This story does have a happy ending – my mom went back to the pool first thing in the morning and was able to find the earring. Some seriously good fortune! However, this could just as easily been someone else’s good fortune or thrown away with pool debris instead.

While it is not a first thought, it should be on the list- leave your jewels safely away. Wearing jewelry in a public area means if you lose something, you might never find it. Also, putting your items in a baggie, box, or jewelry roll in your bag or car may leave your items vulnerable to being stolen. When planning water excursions leave your valuables, including jewelry, in a safe place so you can enjoy them for many years to come!

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