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HiGhlight: Victorian revival charm bracelets

One of my favorite pieces from the E.P.L. Estate Collection is this lovely vintage 14k gold slide charm bracelet. This piece dates to 1950’s to 1960’s, and it is a revival of the original Victorian slide bracelets of the 1930’s.

Victorian women circa 1837-1901 would wear a pocket watch on a chain around their neck with a slide on it for decoration. In the 1930s collectors started putting these decorative slides on gold chain bracelets.

The charms are all different shapes and each features a different design and color of gemstone. The gemstones starting with the box clasp are: coral,
turquoise, blue topaz (with a ruby for the snakes eye, carnelian, amethyst,
Miniature Victorian portrait, garnet, moonstone, citrine, pearl.
(the turquoise may be glass)

This bracelet is in excellent vintage condition, the clasp has a strong snap when closing and there is also a safety chain for added protection. 

Victorian Chain with Slide

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