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Rose Gold is the new IT

The demand for rose gold is on the rise. From wedding rings to nail polish color to iPhone cases, rose gold tones are coming in hot! Even fashion houses have caught on and have added embellishments to clothing lines and shoe designs. What is rose gold, and should we join in??

So What Is Rose Gold?

Rose, pink, or red gold what is it?! When talking about gold jewelry tones, rose gold is what happens when you mix copper with yellow gold. Depending on the how much copper is added, the hues come in a wide range of golds and pinks. Stateside, pink tends to be the most sought out. Different terms are used to describe the different colors of gold achieved based on the proportions of yellow gold to copper. The more copper, the redder the color of gold.

18K Red gold is a mixture of 75% yellow gold and 25% copper. 18K Rose gold is a blend of 75% yellow gold, 22.25% copper, and 2.75% silver. 18K Pink gold is 75% yellow gold, 20% copper, and 5% silver. Crown Gold refers to rose gold with the highest karat of yellow gold at 22K. Always look for the hallmark for karat weight to verify that what is being represented as rose gold is real. The most common fineness for rose gold is 14K in the US and 18K in Europe.

How Did This All Begin?

Rose gold was first created by Carl Fabergé of Fabergé Russian Eggs and was originally known as “Russian Gold.” It was worn exclusively in Russia during the 1800s. In Europe, rose gold was briefly popular during the Victorian Era, but then it fell out of fashion until the 1920s. About this time, the famous Cartier jewelry design house debuted a tricolor ring and rose gold came into fashion again.

A Versatile Shade

With the popularity of two-tone you will now find several white and rose gold options. With two-toned bridal sets, stacking necklaces, several bangles, or stacked rings works well with rose gold. The warmth of rose gold works well with diamonds, as well as with colored gemstones in the brown, orange, yellow and red color families.

Come on In!

Our large selection of fine jewelry includes several options of rose gold. We have a leading engagement ring selection featuring contemporary and classic rose gold creations and skilled designer and team to create your one of a kind ring. Stop in today! Let our jewelry experts find the perfect item for a gift or self-purchase.

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